International Artists

International Artists

Dear artists, dear agencies

The Gypsy Festival is not a usual kind of festival with alternating artists. Over the years some 50 artists have performed regularly at the Gypsy Festival and developed kind of a „big band“. So it’s highly unlikely that we’ll invite new artists since the whole project is strongly reduced anyway. So don’t be too disappointed if you won’t be invited for future concerts.

Formations at past Festivals:
  • Esma Redzepova
  • Flamencos en Route / Any artists around Miguel Sotelo
  • Ssassa & dancers living in Switzerland
  • Dhoad
  • Arabic formations like Arez

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    Funken sprühen, wenn Orient und Okzident zusammen kommen. Das 13. Oriental & Flamenco Gypsy Festival bietet am Freitag 29. März 2019 einzigartige Begegnungen zwischen Orient und Okzident, zwischen Gypsy-Groove und Flamenco.
    14 Künstler aus 7 Ländern: Flamenco mit Katja Campanile, Miguel Sotelo und Jorge San Telmo, Eleonora Mustafovska, Ssassa, Ektaal, Assala Ibrahim, Buz.


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